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New Joomla! Extensions

Find extensions for your Joomla site in the Joomla Extensions Directory, the official directory for Joomla components, modules and plugins.
  1. Quick Fields is a free Joomla module that shows custom fields and lets users edit their profiles on spot!

    Have you ever needed to have users fill in some details, but need to do that from wherever you want in Joomla? That is exactly what Quick Fields does!
    It is a smart module that lets you select which custom fields you would like to show in a page, for users to save that information on the spot!

    Quick Fields offers a unique functionality, and is built with completely native Joomla code. It enables you to show any custom fields you may create in Users > Fields or in EasyProfile, so that your users can input their values from whatever page you want!

    It does not require external library, which means that it is compatible to any website, without producing Javascript errors, or incompatibilities.
    It is a great addition for any website that requires users to input their information! After all it's free! We all love free stuff, right?

  2. The PayPal Field enables you to create a PayPal button Custom Field to any Joomla Component that supports the Fields Component.

  3. Set the minimum number of items that a client can order per product of specific categories. Suitable for e-shops that do not wish to sell low number of quantities per product due to low cost - profit.
    After installing the plugin in the text area you add a single line per category that you wish to set the limits..
    For example:


    With the above configuration the products of category 10 shall have a minimum order of 100 and those of category 5, 200.
    We offer it for free..

  4. Auto Cards is an awesome URL embedder Joomla module that lets you embed pretty much any URL you like, anywhere in your Joomla website!

    It's as simple as this:
    - Copy a URL from your site or any other site in the world.
    - Paste it into Auto Cards.
    - Auto Cards creates a beautiful URL card and shows it in a carousel, a masonry or a grid!

    Ever felt that your content is spread out in so many different websites?
    Auto Cards takes presenting your content into a whole new level, by enabling you to concentrate and present anything you like in it!

    Whether it is your Facebook page or posts, your Instagram account or photos, your Youtube profile or videos, your partner's page or just articles in your own website, you can simply copy the URL and Auto Cards creates an awesome card to present it. Each card automatically loads an image, a title, a description and other information from the copied URL and allows you to even edit the title and description, so that you can make it look exactly like you want it!

  5. Mobbex payment plugin for VirtueMart 3

    This plugin integrates Mobbex payment gateway with VirtueMart 3. This plugin, automatically integrates to your VirtueMart store in a way that the store administrator simply installs the plugin and after several simple configuration steps, gets a full fledged payment gateway. With Mobbex in your store, you can provide lots of payments methods to your customers.

    This plugin automatically converts currencies for stores that need different currencies for their products. Take a look at our currency plugins, click here
    Install Instructions:

    • Make shure you have latest VirtueMart version, tested with VM 3.6.3 - Check latest version, click here
    • Install it using joomla installer
    • Publish plugin in joomla plugin manager
    • Create and configure payment method in VirtueMart (Components->VirtueMart->Payment Methods->New)
    • Set Payment Name as you like
    • Set Published to Yes
    • Set Payment Method to VMPayment - Mobbex Payment Plugin
    • Click Apply
    • Click Configuration tab
    • Set configuration as you like
    • Get API Key and Access Token from Mobbex following this guide:
      • Log into Mobbex console:
      • Create a new App by clicking here:
      • Click the plus button +, then in the app creation popup, give it a name and a description. It can be anything meaningful to you. In URL field, paste the home URL of your store
      • Click the newly created app from the app list
      • Write down the API Key by clicking the API-KEY button
      • Click the SOLICITAR ACCESO button
      • In the Buscar Entidad popup write the CUIT you want to use with your store, then click buscar
      • Click the name corresponding to that CUIT
      • Write down the Access Token by clicking the VER TOKEN DE ACCESO button
      • Grant access to the new app by going to the Mobbex console and clicking the AUTORIZAR button of the newly created App
    • More info here

    Sandbox Instructions:

    Mobbex use different credit cards for testing purposes, depending of the credit card number you use for purchase, the order will be confirmed or cancelled. For a list of available test cards, please visit